Got Big Data? Want to query it?

SploutCloud magically converts your data files into a responsive, high-performant SQL database in the cloud.

Convert your data files into a low-latency, scalable query system - with no effort!

Use your data files to power a website without worrying about performance or scalability - seamlessly!

Keep your SQL cluster synchronized with your data files - without pain!

The Pains

Querying Big Data is hard.

RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL... You need to be an expert to really understand all these engines and pick up the best one for your use case.

You'll have a hard time finding an engine that scales really well and lets you query your data in a truly flexible way. Querying Big Data is hard.

Loading Big Data is hard.

Once you have chosen the engine for your data, you need to maintain, schedule and manage ETL processes that feed your data into the database.

These processes are often not trivial: how do you update a database with trillions of records? What will be your Big Data backup policy? How many people do you need to hire to be safe about such systems?

Scalable databases are hard to understand and maintain.

The most expensive part of your Big Data solution will not be architecting it: it will be maintaining it. You will require proficient people, specialized profiles that can really understand how do all these new database engines work under the scenes.

Working with cutting-edge technology means things will fail, patches will need to be applied. Migrations will happen.

Splout Cloud allows you and your users to query your Big Data without worrying about how to do it. And it scales.


+ Also Including

  • A full SQL query engine (like a traditional RDBMS)
  • A simple REST API (easily queriable by HTTP)
  • Elasticity (grow your cluster with your data)
SploutCloud uses SploutSQL, an open-source SQL low-latency database on top of Hadoop.


Splout Cloud is under development. Give us your email and we'll keep you informed.